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Campsoul 2014 DJ Line-up

Campsoul 2014 DJ Line-up

We are pleased to announce the Campsoul Music Festival 2014 DJ Line-up

A great selection of DJ’s who really know their SOUL, FUNK, JAZZ and SOULFUL HOUSE

Visit the DJ page to see photos and DJ profiles

Paul ‘Clarky’ Clark ~ Bob Master ~ Stretch Taylor ~ Ginger Tony ~ Tony Fernandez ~ Richard Felstead ~ Marky Mark ~ Paul Mac ~ Alan Powell ~ Neil Hanratty ~ Bill Griffin ~ Andy Coles ~ Chris D Smith ~ Mark Whiffin ~ Chris Moose ~ Julie Prince ~ Jamie Taylor ~ Shaun Gallagher ~ Marcus Bell Paul ’Bozak’ Morrissey ~ Darrell Steaman

See the full 2014 event information so far

Look out for our next post announcing the Live Act for the Sunday Concert!


February 8th, 2014

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