Campsoul feedback

Some reviews that were posted on the Facebook Campsoul 2013 event page:

Sue Cordery
Just wanna say that after going to the last two Campsoul Weekends I really can’t wait for Campsoul 2014. The Weekends just get better and are definitely going from strength to strength, of all the festivals I have been to over the years Campsoul is by far the most relaxed atmosphere, I think because it is a camping weekend firstly with all your favourite music thrown in and played by some great DJs with the best of soul, jazz funk, reggae and my favourite of all House music being played non stop and to top it all off some great live acts on the Saturday and Sunday…I for one can’t wait and the Guildford posse just seems to be growing each year, because once you go you are bitten by the Campsoul bug and you are definitely hooked so see you all in August xxx

Paul Bozak Morrissey
What an amazing weekend! Camp Soul is justing the most fun you can have in any weekend, just great soul music, lovely people and vibe not to mention Light Of The World and Lonnie Liston Smith both excellent live and then off to one of the best parties of the year Tribe at Nottinghill, this is proper HOUSE music. Thank you to everyone involved, the support and the set times. Shaun Gallagher, Jane Gallagher, Chris D Smith, Julie Prince, Dean Zepherin, Kristelle Morin and everyone who came to dance & party.

Richard Felstead
Just the best time imaginable, thank you so much to everybody that made it happen.
It was special.

Louby Lou
Well done and big thanks to Shaun Gallagher and Jane Gallagher and all the Campsoul crew that were involved in organising a brilliant outdoor festival just for soul lovers…10/10 from me…even though the weather started off a little shoddy the sun came out for us all in the end…Mine and my daughters first visit to Campsoul and we will be back. My daughter has already invited her friends to come next year (need a large tent!) and she loved every minute meeting new friends. Its so child friendly, they are very safe and to have that freedom to roam around is just incredible. Watching the Children doing the line dancing (come on Robin Haynes get that footage posted up!) was a sight to behold…how good were they!! Great being around friends new and old having fun…bloody fantastic!!! x

Emma English WasBowles
Wonderful weekend…Love to Shaun Gallagher, Jane Gallagher, crew and DJ’s…AWESOME

Neil Tomo
So what did I learn at CampSoul?
** I’ve learned that a ‘3 man’ tent from Tesco breaks the trades description act on a number of levels….
** I’ve also learned the art of the grunting trouser wriggle. i.e. lying on your arse, legs akimbo, desperately trying to put your strides on elegantly in your tent…
** I’ve learned that there is NOTHING more nerve wracking than opening the door of a portaloo and not knowing what your senses are going to experience…
** I’ve learned never to underestimate how easy a ‘2am pee’ is at home…
** I’ve learned the real meaning of ‘Tent Envy’…grrrrrr!
** I’ve actually learned that upon coming home, I’ve developed a deep, loving and intense relationship with my bed. Don’t tell Mrs T!
** But most of all I’ve learned that the soul gang are an amazing group. So friendly, so warm, so welcoming.
** And as for that Shaun Gallagher, Jane Gallagher and the rest of the team…well, they are absolute diamonds of the highest order (but I knew this already!) 

Karen Baker
FAB U LOUS!!!! Loved every minute and will definitely be back next year. Thank you xx

Claire Fairchild
My first of going to an event like this thanks to my lovely friends Mark M and Leslie xx. Thank you so much for inviting me to such a wonderful event I am truly blessed now to meet such lovely people and listen to some fantastic tunes. It was such a fantastic week-end and the thanks go to Shaun Gallagher as he is the man that made this happen and the hard work and stress that went with it. I APPLAUD YOU SHAUN!!!! This was my first and the atmosphere, soulfulness and friendships spoke so many words!!!!!! THANK YOU for allowing me to experience this. xxxx ROLL ON 2014 when this is definitely going to grow bigger and OH so much better if it can !!!!! x

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