Alan Powell

Alan Powell
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Alan Powell
Soulful House

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I’ve been into Soul music, or at least popular black dance music since my early years in comprehensive school. I collected music from EWF AWB, Crown Heights Affair and most other chartable dance music from the late 70s…Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall LP was a massive fave of mine when released.

I also had a wonderful music store locally that introduced me to labels like Salsoul and Prelude and would buy these 12s blind in the bargain bin for 10p. I was 15 at the time and money was tight…lol.

I started DJing locally in 1984, to bring some much needed current soul music…most locals believed Soul music started and ended in the 60s, I had to do something about that!

Learnt to mix in the late 80s just as House Music was making waves and was soon DJing in the best clubs and parties in South Wales and South England as a guest at various places playing alongside some of the biggest names in House Music.

I took a break from DJing in 1995 for 10yrs to pursue my businesses and once the wolf stopped banging our door in 2005 I returned to DJing but mostly in radio. I’ve just finished a very successful 6yr stint with Solar Radio and “The Midnight Mix” shows, now I just want to cherry pick gigs I’d like to be a involved with and Campsoul is one of the ones I love doing.

Catch DJ Alan Powell at Campsoul Music Festival 2015