Gayle Lawless Dumont

Gayle Lawless Dumont
Birth name
Gayle Lawless Dumont
Soul, Funk, Jazz

DJ Profile Biography

South West London born and raised. Always wanted to be a DJ, hatching up all kinds of hair brained schemes and plans (even had a stage name “DJ Hyper G”). Collected lots of vinyl (Bluebird Records was like a second home in the late 80’s). But marriage and raising a family put paid to those dreams (as well as Mum getting rid of all the vinyl – a sore subject). Listened to all the pirate radio stations, LWR, Horizon, JFM to name a few as well as Radio Jackie and Radio 1 (occasionally Radio Luxembourg on a Sunday afternoon).

After a brief hiatus, was itching to re-enter the soul scene. It was through a music weekender that the love of all things soulful was rekindled, and I never looked back. I Was approached by the wife of an internet radio station owner (JFSR) and was asked to do a radio slot. Had done guest appearances on Stomp FM with Richard Brown. The rest as they say is history. Been doing gigs around the country and am part of the “Rum Shop Crew”, a small promotions company who are about to put on their first music weekender in Reading called “Rhythm Assembly” in August. Steep learning curve and all quite new but the last 4 years have been an absolute blast!

You can catch Gayle every Wednesday on for “The Soulful Jamboree” from 12pm until 2pm

Catch DJ Gayle Lawless Dumont at Campsoul Music Festival 2016