Queens Alldayer 11-April-2014 Didcot, Oxfordshire

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Queens Alldayer 11-April-2014 Didcot, Oxfordshire

2 Manor Road, Didcot, Oxfordshire, OX11 7JY
Queens Arms
1400 - 04/11/2015
Free Event

The Queens Alldayer returns

We are so pleased to be able to return to the Queens Arms where we have had so many legendary Alldayers over the years.
The new landlords Paul and Ruth are looking forward to welcoming everyone. We will once again be running 2 rooms of music with a full DJ line up to be confirmed soon.
Starts at 2pm and runs till 1.30am And its FREE ADMISSION Excited already!!!!! BBQ in the afternoon/evening 🙂

DJ Times for The Alldayer

Room 1 Soul Funk Jazz
2-3 Bass & Tubbs
3-4 Shaun Gallagher
4-5 Martin Moore
5-6 Mark Spit Fenton
6-7 Phil Spreadbury & Jamie Taylor
7-8 Steiner
8-9 Darrell S
9-10 Mark Whiffin
10-11 Paul Morrissey
11-12 Chris D Smith
12-1 Shaun Gallagher
1.1.30 Everyone.

Room 2 Soulful Jazzy & Funky House
2-4 Paul Garland
4-5 Phil Spreadbury
5-6 Paul DJP Pressure
6-7 Julie Prince
7-8 Paul Morrissey
8-9 Jamie Taylor
9-10 Paul Garland.
10-11 Everyone.
Room closes.

Sat 11th April 2015 14:00
Sun 12th April 2015 01:30

Queens Arms

2 Manor Rd