DJ Profile Biography

DJP started collecting music and DJing whilst still at school and continued to DJ throughout the 80’s. DJP played at various bars and clubs around north and west of London with regular nights at St Albans Adelaide nightclub plus many bars and a few warehouse parties in the late 80’s.

As well as music DJP has a passion for radio and was an avid listener of Robbie Vincent’s Radio London Saturday lunchtime show in the 70’s. Also the early land based pirate radio stations such as Radio Invicta, Horizon, JFM and LWR being his faves.

DJP Joined Luton based Jive FM in the late 80’s. He was one of the pioneers of internet radio running one of the longest running house music radio stations on the net Pressure Radio.

These days DJP is known for his deeper afro house music and his SHAG radio show on Pressure and also helped kick-of the Vocal Both weekender in Spain where he is one of the resident DJ’s.

You can catch DJP helping out at Campsoul and he may well be the guy welcoming you at the gate when you arrive so say hello.

Catch DJP at Campsoul Music Festival 2021