Campsoul 2017 Photos

Its all about the glitter
Fitzroy checking out vinyl
BFF (Campsoul Security)
The Shire Crew
Marie G
Little Faces Big Dreams
Campsoul juniors disco tent
Penalty shoot-out
Skittles (Campsoul 2017)
Prostate Cancer blue-day (Campsoul 2017)
Snuggle up
Blue Disco
Disco drinks
Chevrolet Biscayne (Campsoul 2017)
Front Row VIP Campsoul 2017
song-sheet Brit Funk Association (Campsoul 2017)
get ready for Brit Funk Association
Paul Mclean (Campsoul 2017)
David ‘Baps’ Baptiste (Campsoul 2017)
Brit Funk Association (Campsoul 2017)
Its a soul thing
Brit Funk Association Campsoul 2017
Patrick Mclean
Kenny Wellington (light of the world / Brit Funk Association)
The Brodey Bunch
Campsoul T-Shirts
MB (Mark Blee)
Pizza menu Campsoul 2017
Chris McClean
hot tub
Paul Goodwin
Hot Tub bubbles
Hot shots (Campsoul 2017)
Kevin Muldoon
KM and MB
Campsoul pool
Mr Generator
Hot Tub feet
Darrell Steaman
Mark Tuck
Stevie O
B-Funkt Campsoul 2017
Greenwoods ironing service
Oxfordshire Pizza Company
Camp Commander (Shaun Gallagher)
Three Amigos
Paul boziak Morrissey Campsoul 2017
The Marquee campsoul 2017
Paul Crowley on percussion
GT (DJ Ginger Tony)
Tony Fernandez Campsoul 2017
Prostate Cancer blue-day Campsoul 2017
Hail the Ale
Busy A-Frame Campsoul 2017
The A-Frame Campsoul 2017
Campsoul Bar of Doom
Picture this
Picture that
Soul Boy (Jamie Taylor)
Picture perfect
Happy Campsoul Juniors
Randy Muller at Campsoul 2017
Keni and Gary Spence
Dad and Daughter (Keni and Jessica Stevens)
Jessica Stevens Campsoul 2017
Keni and Jessica Stevens Campsoul 2017
Keni Stevens Campsoul 2017
Easy as riding a bike
Campsoul A-frame Chandelier
Brit Funk Association Live Campsoul 2017
Oxfordshire Pizza Company
Campsoul Music Festival 2017
Campsoul Camping Area
Casa Della Pasta
Campsoul Blue Skies
Front Row fly the flags
Campsoul Sunset
Keep the fire burning
Patrick Mclean - Harry - Paul Mclean
Brit Funk Association VIP
Brit Funk Association
Campsoul 2017 Brit Funk Association
Brit Funk Association Campsoul
A-Frame Bar
Madhatters T-Shirts