Campsoul 2014 Photos

A Frame at Night
Roy Ayers at Campsoul 2014
Blow a Kiss
Blues and Soul
Camp Fire
Campsoul at Night
Campsoul 'Champers'
Campsoul crowd Roy Ayers live
Campsoul Goalie
Campsoul Hair doo
Campsoul makeover
Campsoul Happy People
Campsoul Hippie Vibe
Campsoul makeover
Campsoul Marquee at Night
Campsoul Family
Campsoul Main Stage
Campsoul Table Football Tournament
Caribbean Soul Food
Cosy Campsoul Chair
Doom Bar
Fairground Swingboats
Flying the Flag at Campsoul
Funky Wellies
Happy Birthday Roy Ayers
Soul Line Dancing
Louise - Soulutions
Paul, Shaun and Bob
Picture Perfect
Posh Tea
Roy Ayers the Legend
Roy Ayers Live at Campsoul
Sort Yourself Out Love
Soul Boutique
SouLutions Live
SouLutions Live on Stage
Temple of Doom
Terry's T Shirts
Campsoul Navigation
The Shire Crew
Roy Ayers Signing a T-Shirt
Roy Ayers and Band View from Campsoul stage
Roy Ayers close up on stage
Cute Tent
Roy Ayres and Band looking